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Welcome to the ALmix Website

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to our principles... quality components set within the strongest design in the industry and offered at an affordable price. We also hope you find our commitment to affordability refreshingly new. You see, we recognize that the market will no longer bear exorbitantly priced equipment tacked onto the price of a bid. What's required is innovative, dependable, cost effective equipment. Equipment delivered on time and backed with the same enthusiasm that was present at the time of the sale. It's the ALmix way.

Great Products

ALmix has remained dedicated to bringing you, the asphalt contractor, innovative asphalt equipment for over thirty years. Intelligent yet simple solutions to the ever-changing challenges of producing high quality asphalt pavement.

Do you need a complete solution for liquid asphalt handling? ALmix vertical tank solutions go beyond just selling and delivering the tank. We take pride in providing our customers with tailored AC and heating components for their sites, custom hot oil and AC piping, motorized valving and turn-key installation. Our advanced 3D design tools allow you to see it before we build it.

Whether your current need is a key component or a full scale drum or batch plant, let our team of professionals assist in determining your equipment needs.

Better Customer Service

Here at ALmix, it's not only about the sale. It's about being a company where customers are completely satisfied with their purchase; customers who would be sure to return to ALmix, knowing their needs would be completely looked after. ALmix is there from the beginning of the quoting process until the equipment is up and running per the customer's expectations.

For assistance with your Asphalt Blending/Loadout systems:

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