Plants Advanced, Proven Technology…

Given that each customer’s situation is unique, ALmix offers many different types and configurations of Asphalt Plants.

Compact Series

Designed for portability and a small footprint, this simple yet rugged design meets the needs of the small to mid-size contractor. Judicious control of plant frills versus plant cost has yielded a Series of asphalt plants which allow the long time asphalt paver to become a first time asphalt producer. The “Compact Series” is offered in production ranges from 60 TPH to 140 TPH.

Duo-Drum 'CF'

Simplicity is the word for the Duo Drum ‘CF’ counter flow asphalt plant. The ‘CF’ utilizes a counterflow dryer with a mixing drum. Each is a separate unit. The mixing time is never too short and valuable liquids and additives are never exposed to extreme temperatures. The Duo Drum ‘CF’ plant can be portable or relocatable and is offered in production ranges from 120tph to 600tph.

Batch Mix

The ALB series and Travel Pack Batch plants are newly engineered to meet the need for high-consistency mix quality of the most demanding producer. The plants can be relocatable, completely portable or containerized. They may be fully enclosed to meet stringent urban enviormental standards. Both the ALB and Travel Pack Series offer the latest batch mix plant features. They are well built and highly dependable and are offered in production ranges from 50tph to 450tph.


Unrivaled technology in an innovative compact design, is how you make the Uni-Flow ‘UF’ Series single drum asphalt plant. Built with Almix quality and craftsmanship, this design allows for the same versatility and production quality as the Duo-Drum ‘CF’, but in a tighter package. The Uni-Flow Drum plant can be portable or relocatable or totally self-erecting and is offered in production ranges from 120tph to 400tph.


The best of both worlds. A perfectly synchronized masterpiece is the only way to describe the ‘Dratch’. The ALmix Dratch Plant is a counterflow dryer with both a batch tower and a mixing drum. When you have the ability to take care of both, your large single mix projects and the everyday walk-in customers, you are in complete control of both your profits and your market. There is no limit to what you can do with the ALmix Dratch Plant.

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