ALmix Batch Mix Asphalt Plants | Overview

ALmix supplies the industry with a complete range of batch mix asphalt plants and auxiliary equipment allowing for a level of customization ideal to fit any individual contractor’s needs. The ALB series and Travel Pack Batch plants are newly engineered to meet the need for high-consistency mix quality of the most demanding producer. The plants can be relocatable, completely portable or containerized. They may be fully enclosed to meet stringent urban enviormental standards. Both the ALB and Travel Pack Series offer the latest batch mix plant features. They are well built and highly dependable and are offered in production ranges from 50tph to 450tph.

ALmix Batch Mix Asphalt Plants | Configurations

ALmix ALB-2500 Batch Mix Plant

ALmix ALB-2500 Batch Mix Plant

Batch Mix Asphalt Plants


ALmix stationary asphalt plants have gained wide recognition for achieving high production rates while maintaining the strictest standards of mix quality. High production plants combined with bulk storage facilities in a fixed location empowers the contractor to provide different types of asphalt mixes to store in multiple silos.

Batch mix asphalt plants are well engineered to meet customer needs for high consistency mix quality and long term production requirements. They are readily containerized and easily transportable. Our ALB Series offers the very latest batch mix plant features including advanced features exclusively offered for high-volume producers.

ALMIX tp-2500 Mobile Batch plant

ALMIX tp-2500 Mobile Batch plant

Mobile Batch Asphalt Plants


The ALmix Travel Pack asphalt plants are our fastest selling mobile plants on the market. They have become the first choice among contractors who are looking for a high performance plant with the ability to move and be set up fast for many years of operation.

ALmix’s Travel Pack range of fully mobile asphalt mixing plants feature a production capcity ranging from 25 - 250 TPH. It is ideal for job sites reuireing 2,000 - 200,000 tons of hot mix asphalt. The Travel Pack comprises of essential equipment that may be configured into Mobile Batch Mix Plants or Mobile Continuous Mix Plants as per the individual contractor’s requirements.


The Travel Pack can be towed in and set up within a few days, providing flexibility to move between sites. All of the units have been made “container-friendly” to reduce shipping cost. Assuming adequate grade conditions prevail, no concrete foundation is required to set up the plant. The Travel Pack uses the “Plug + Play” concept for each module to facilitate quick and easy setup anywhere and anytime it is needed.

ALmix Batch Mix Plants | Features

ALmix batch mix drying system

ALmix batch mix drying system

DRYING SYSTEM | The ALmix batch mix drying system consists of a counter-flow dryer powered by four-wheel friction drives. The drying drum features two one-piece forged steel tires that rotate ton case-hardened trunnions. On the drying drum’s interior, Herringbone veiling flights facilitate an efficient drying process. The ALmix fully modulated burner with compressed air atomization provides complete and efficient combustion with excellent fuel economy and a high turn down ratio of 1:10.

SCREEN WEIGHING SYSTEM | The ALmix screen weighing system consists of an effective set of inclined vibrating screens for the highest aggregate grading accuracy. Adjustable vibrators, which ensure steady movement of the aggregate through the screen system, are mounted outside the hot and dusty enclosure for long life and easy maintenance. ALmix’s digital weighing system with high-response and high-resolution provides fast and accurate weighing of asphalt, aggregates and filler from the control house.

HIGH SPEED MIXING SYSTEM | The ALmix mixing system features synchronizing gearboxes that are designed to eliminate the wear and tear of conventional timing gears, coupled with reversible paddle tips designed to increase the life of the paddles. With our mixing system’s 50% live zone rating, contractors achieves homogenous mix in shorter mixing cycle time.

ALmix Batch Mix Plants | Capacity Ratings


ALmix Batch Mix Plants | Installation

You can rely on the experienced team at ALmix to help with the complete installation of your ALmix Batch Mix Plant.

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