ALmix Cold Feed Bins | Overview

Every asphalt plant begins with a set of cold feed bins. After decades of building these bins, we’ve learned there is no substitute for a massive design. Our bins are made from the highest quality steel to withstand the constant abrasion of aggregates as well as the occasional front-end loader collision.

Feeder bins are available with three different compartment sizes to match your desired production. Choose from the following top opening dimensions:

  • 8’x12’

  • 9’x12’

  • 10’x14’

almix RELOCATABLE cold feed system

almix RELOCATABLE cold feed system

ALmix Cold Feed Bins | Configurations

ALmix offers two cold feed bin system configurations to fit any contractor’s needs:


ALmix Relocatable (Skid Mounted) Cold Feed System

ALmix Portable Cold Feed System

ALmix Portable Cold Feed System

ALmix Cold Feed Bins | Features

The following advanced features are available on both portable and relocatable cold feed systems.

  • Walkways

  • Grizzlies

  • Built-in scalping screens

  • Weigh feeders

  • Moisture probes

  • Bin level indicators

  • Built-in retaining walls

  • Bulkheads

  • Bin vibrators

  • Adjustable jack legs

  • Bin extensions

  • Bin dividers

  • Air cannons

  • Quick opening gates

  • Self-relieving feeder throats

  • Wire mesh guarding

  • Cable Trays

ALmix Cold Feed Bins | Belt Feeders

Every colf feed bin needs a reliable belt feeder that won’t plug or break. Each ALmix cold feed bin is equipped with our belt feeder system, powered by a helical gear motor through a fully-digital AC flux vector drive. Massive ACME threads support the feeder frames and allow the belt clearance to the bin to be fine-tuned to the aggregate size. Our unique troughing roll design eliminates leaking without the need for troublesome skirt boards. Each ALmix belt feeders also feature material flow detectors which activates a sequenced shut down if aggregate ceases to flow for more than a preset amount of time.

almix portable double deck screen

almix portable double deck screen

ALmix Conveyor Belts & Scalping Screens | Overview

Material handling is an often overlooked phase of the asphalt production process. At ALmix, we realize that it’s more than just moving material from A to B. This is where your material is screened and weighed. An inadequate conveyor translates into an imprecise belt scale and varying AC contents. That’s why we use rigid deep truss fram conveyors, complete with gravity take-ups, whether you buy your plant skid mounted or portable. Rugged single deck or double deck scalping screens with remote deck selection are available. Where screening demands are more intense, we offer individual screens for each belt feeder. Walkways on one or both sides mauy be added top aid in conveyor and belt scale maintenance. Tail pulleys are guarded and emergency pull cords are provided so that safety is not compromised. Test weights and sampling systems may be added to meet any specification.

Looking for Recycled Material Handling (RAP) Systems?

ALmix skid-mounted RAP system with rap screen

ALmix skid-mounted RAP system with rap screen