The ALmix UF-Series Counter Flow Drum Mixer | Overview

The UF-Series Counterflow Drum Mixer is the flagship product from ALmix. Designed for asphalt contractors seeking the most efficient, mechanically sound, aesthetically pleasing and adaptable asphalt plant the market has to offer. All offered in a simple design that will exceed environmental requirements and perform exceptionally for years in the field.

ALmix Portable uf series drum mixer

ALmix Portable uf series drum mixer

The UF Series drum mixer is of the counterflow design and includes a special bolt-in flight design, (pictured above) for maximum drying and mixing efficiency, lower stack temperature and reduced fuel consumption.  Any “blue smoke” generated by the liquid asphalt and addition of recycled material are passed through the intense main burner flame and incinerated prior to entering the baghouse.

ALMix Portable UF Series DRUm mixer

ALMix Portable UF Series DRUm mixer

DRUM FLIGHTING & VEILING: The drum entry begins with spiral flighting followed by a drying zone incorporating veiling flights constructed from abrasion resistant steel. The burner combustion zone incorporates our specially designed combustion flights. The ALmix combustion flights are constructed from abrasion resistant T-1 alloy to continually move the superheated material through the combustion zone without carrying or veiling the material through the flame.  The combustion flights also act as a primary wear surface thus relieving the drum shell from direct abrasion and from the direct intensity of the burner flame. The mixing zone is equipped with our specially designed castle mixing flights, which are constructed of A-572 alloy steel plate and are “bolt in” to allow the customer endless flexibility in mix zone adjustments. Optional VFD controlled drum speed allows fine tuning of the veiling pattern to accommodate maximum efficiency for each mix design.

SINGLE POINT TRUNNION ADJUSTMENT is standard on every model.

DRUM INSULATION allowing prolonged “Mid-stream Stops” is optional for every UF Series model.


The ALmix UF-Series Counter Flow Drum Mixer | Configurations

ALmix offers two advanced configurations of Unitized Counter Flow Drum Mixers to meet your specific needs:


Skid-Mounted Drum Plants

Skid-mounted installations for long term usage when the highest production rates are required. Heavy steel support legs are supplied to grade with steel pads so that concrete piers need not be poured. 


Portable Drum Plants

When a job calls for paving far from your base of operations, plant mobility and durability are critical. The portable version of the ALmix UF Series Drum Mixer delivers features that allow portable operators to set up, produce and move to another location quickly and cost-effectively without sacraficing heavy duty drum and component construction.

The ALmix UF-Series | Environmental Peace of Mind

A “Good Neighbor Policy” is critical to the long-term health of our industry. It is no longer enough to comply with stringent federal, state and local environmental requirements. You must be proactive as a contractor in monitoring fugitive emissions, fumes and blue smoke.

Control of blue smoke and fumes created at the silo, slug feeder gates, slat conveyor and AC storage tanks can be contained. Consult with ALmix’s engineers for help complying with local codes and restrictions. With environmentally friendly features like counterflow designs, total air burners to use less excess air and warm mix systems to produce less blue smoke, the UF Series is the ideal choice.


At ALmix, we know you are making a long term commitment, so invest in the drum mixer that delivers the most environmentally sound design. Work with an engineering staff who will help you meet all local standards yet produce the lowest possible cost per ton with the highest mix quality achievable.