ALmix hot mix surge silos

ALmix hot mix surge silos

ALmix Hot Mix Storage Silos | Overview

From the bottom up, our silos are over engineered to give our customers the highest quality silo in the market. As a standard, your ALmix silo is built to conditions of Seismic Zone IIA and a 150 mile/hour wind velocity. Designs are available to Seismic IV conditions and skid mounted silos are available where soil conditions allow. We can provide professional engineering services to design your footings based upon your soil conditions. And, when it comes time to install your silo system, our team of field service technicians is available to accomplish the job promptly and within budget.

Strength is derived from structural steel legs and frame supports house the 1/4-inch, 100% double welded silo tube. Silo wallsare insulated and covered with pre-painted aluminum sheeting to keep heat loss at a minimum. Silo top decks are insulated with 10 inches of high-density insulation and covered with diamond decking, toe kicks and OSHA approved hand rails. A caged ladder is provided to from top to access bird’s nest on the main drag. Fully lined batches are provided to collect mix and discharge into the silos while safeguarding against mix segregation.

Versatility begins with capacity selection. Our storage silos are offered in the following sizes:

  • 100 ton

  • 150 ton

  • 200 ton

  • 240 ton

  • 260 ton

  • 300 ton

Insulation packages are offered in 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch sizes. Silo cones may be heated electrically or with hot oil. Long term storage seals are offered where market or environmental conditions mandate. Versatility is also offered in your loadout selection with truck scale, weigh batcher or load cell mounting options available. Finally, silo quanitity and configuration are virtually limitless, and our modular design allows planning your company’s surge/storage system with the growth of your business firmly in mind.

ALmix Storage Silos | Features

SILO BATCHER: The ALmix top-of-silo batching device is positioned on each silo and is designed to charge each silo without building a conical pile of material in the center, thus reducing the possibility of material segregation. Each batchers has a 5 ton capacity and is constructed from 1/4-inch thick steel plate and includes ceramic liners as well as a batcher gate, and are also lined with 1/4-inch thick Hardox. Vertical sidewalls on the batchers bolt to a clear opening on the silo top, eliminating the problem of mix buildup on the silo top. Once the prescribed quantity of mix has been collected, the computer control automatically actuates air drive cylinders which open both batcher gates simultaneously to discharge the mix in a batch.  Hinged screen mesh guards protect plant personnel from operating air cylinders.  A rotary bin indicator is provided as a back-up device.

CROSS-DRAG CONVEYOR: The ALmix cross drag conveyor feeds each silo by transfering hot/warm mix from the drag conveyor to multiple inline silo arrangements. Many of the same rugged features of the main drag conveyor are includedin the cross drag construction such as the wear-resistant floor plates, side liners, sprockets, heavy-duty chains and siding bearings. Dual walkways are a popular option on transfer conveyors.

CLAMSHELL GATE: Each ALmix storage silo features an independently driven remotely controlled clamshell type main gate, fully insulated against heat loss and located within main frame to substantially reduce wind chill. These gates are designed to automatically close in the case of a power failure.  A low pressure safety switch is provided to automatically close the main gate if system air pressure drops below 70 psi.

DRIVEWAY AND TRUCK SCALE: The silo support frames are fabricated from 24-inch wide flange beams supported on four wide flange beam legs.  The leg frame includes square bearing pads and cross bracing.  Driveway clearance is 13'6" high by 12' wide. A low profile truck scale can also be provided. The scale features fourteen load cells with a summing box is connected to the ALmix Total Control System to provide automatic silo loadout and ticket printing. 

ALmix Storage Silos | Portability

The ALmix Portable UF Configuration may be transformed to the extreme portability of a self-erecting storage silo system with the addition of such ALmix solutions as the 80 Ton Self-Erecting Silo.

ALmix 80-ton self-erecting silo

ALmix 80-ton self-erecting silo

ALmix Drag Conveyors | Overview

The main drag converyor is constructed of the highest quality structural steel available. Higher capacity drag conveyors are constructed from two pre-cambered W36-135 lb bridge beams. They are engineered to run at a 50 degree incline for high efficiency and low abraison. The conveyor floor consists of a 3/8 inch subfloor featuring bolt-in 1 inch thick Ni-Hard castings which incorporate 4 inch high side liners. Massive head and tail shafts, segmented sprokets and 6 inch pitch drag chain with AR-360 slats are all standard features. ALmix main drags come complete with OSHA approved stairways on each side. All electrical and air connections are pre-plumbed to the lower section of the drag for ease of installation. A VFD drive is available to reduce component wear.

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