ALmix Asphalt (AC) Tanks | Overview

ALmix’s helical designed heaters provide maxumum efficiency and reliability. Hot oil or electrically heated tanks may be either horizontal or vertical. Vertical tanks are a popular choice to conserve space and to easily accommodate an agitator to keep polymers suspended. Metering pump skids and transfer pump skids may be permanently mounted and prepiped on portable units. Commonly selected options include level gauges, fume condensers, nighttime monitoring systems and adjustable support jacks.

An Almix Portable Asphalt (AC) Tank

An Almix Portable Asphalt (AC) Tank

ALmix Asphalt (AC) Tanks | Features

ALmix Built-in Calibration Tank

BUILT-IN CALIBRATION TANKS optimize AC tank portability and setup to first mix production.


STATIONARY OR PORTABLE CALIBRATION TANKS are also available to service multiple plants with the same unit.


OPTIONAL AUTOMATED VALVES allow for all AC valving functions can be performed through the ALmix Total Control System. The Total Control System will also display all AC and tank temperatures and levels.


ALmix Vertical Asphalt (AC) Tanks | Overview

ALmix vertical AC tanks are a highly reliable solution for asphalt storage needs in a very small space. Our innovative design provides all-around insulation including top and bottom to ensure optimal heat conservation and economical fuel consumption, whether you are heating with a hot oil heater or electric elements. ALmix vertical tanks are built with a dished bottom head and extended tank wall. This exclusive design elminates contact between the tank head and the cold ground. It also eliminates corrosion and the worry of compromising the tank integrity by field welding to it. ALmix vertical tanks feature a small footprint and convenient AC and hot oil port locations.


Produced in the USA

At our factories in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

ALmix Warm Mix Systems | Overview

The ALmix Warm Mix System has been specially designed to promote foaming of liquid asphalt.  Production of Warm Mix affords the following benefits:

  • Reduction in mix temperature

  • Increased RAP capacity

  • Improved density

  • Decrease in Greenhouse gases

  • Reduction of odors

  • Improved workability

  • Extended hauling distances

  • Reduction in asphalt cement aging

Warm Mix System Equipment + Electrical

The heart of the ALmix Warm, Mix System is a scientifically engineered, fully hot oil jacketed static blending device.  The Static Blender installs directly into the existing AC injection pipe.  A variable frequency driven water pump is provided.  The pump is complete on a skidded base with water tank, water filter, flow meter fitted with optical encoder and calibration port.  Hosing complete with fittings and check valve is supplied for connection to the Static Blender.

The ALmix Warm Mix System unit is wired to a NEMA 4 panel mounted on the warm mix system housing the breaker and frequency drive for the water pump. A 6” touch screen PLC is provided to enter the percent of water and to control proportioning based upon the AC flow rate.