ALmix Insignia Control System (ICS) | Overview

Developed in cooperation with our automation partners at Rockwell Automation, the all-new ALmix Insignia Control System (ICS) is at the forefront of the next generation of Total Control Systems and is the most universal system in the marketplace, allowing the operator to operate, monitor and report all plant functions. The brain of the system is an Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC with high speed Ethernet/IP communications and an industrial grade compter interface.

ICS provides real-time plant production data and status of individual I/O including component data as well as the ability to add fuel, power and water consumption data. ICS controls the complete blending process and includes control of every plant station, including:

  • Cold Feed Bins

  • Asphalt Pumps

  • RAP Bins

  • Solid and Liquid Additives

  • Warm Mix Systems

ALmix ics rap conveyor screen example

ALmix ics rap conveyor screen example

ALmix Insignia Control System (ICS) | Standard Features

  • Automatic plant start-up and shut-down with sequence interlock

  • Multi-point capability for all calibrations includes cold feeder, RAP feeder, belt scales, silo & tank level, temperature, pressure, etc. IT reduces non-linearity error and improves accuracy for the full operating range

  • Automatic burner control with start-up and firing percentage status

  • Automatic air damper control with opening percentage and drum negative pressure status

  • Automatic baghouse cleaning control with bag house differential pressure status

  • Automatic batcher and silo selection control with batcher position, conveyor, flaps and silo status

  • Remote support provision facilititates fine tuning and troubleshooting of the control system by ALmix engineers via internet connection

  • No-flow switches to alert the operator of an empty or blocked bin

  • Mix Paremeter Printer allows operator selected periodic printing of mix parameters including AC and mix temperature

  • Ammeters for all motors (if AB Intellicenter and Drives are used)

  • Unlimited mix designs

  • Moisture control

  • Charting and reporting capabilities

  • Volumetric and scale modes

  • Flexible settings for timing and synchonization

  • Backup/Restore

almix model cc-2sr control center

almix model cc-2sr control center

ALmix Control Houses | Overview

Choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles to find just the right conrol house for your plant operations. Whichever unit you choose, it will be comprised of a custom steel-framed building which includes central heat and air conditioning. The plant controls include full manual backup controls as well as amp guages for selected motors.

ALmix portable split-level control house

ALmix portable split-level control house

The Model CC-2SR Control Center (pictured to the left) is designed as a total system operator station. The upper control module contains all material blending and loadout computers, start-stop manual back-up panel, variable speed drive manual back-ups and pneumatic ticket tube. Unlike single level or split level control houses the Model CC-2SR features true 360-degree visibility. The lower module of the CC-2SR is split into two rooms. The room directly under the upper module contains the UL Approved Motor Control Center (MCC) complete with lockout/tag-out station, The other room contains a fully outfitted storage and maintenance station. Features include a work station with lockable drawers, parts storage shelves, white board, refridgerator, microwave and ovehead door entry. Heating and cooling for the Model CC-2SR is handled by a 3-1/2 ton central air and heat package.


ALmix Control Houses | Imagery

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